Current Container Status

Container has been filled. It left Japan on March 22nd and has been in transit since.
Latest Update: It is going to be loaded on MSC Deila on April 29 heading China – Belgium. ETA in Riga early June. 

Sorry for delays. 

How to Find parts, where to look?

There are 2 major Car Parts Web Shops in Japan. Yahoo auctions and which is an Up-Garage Web Shop.
On our Website there is a short instruction on how to search for parts in these shops, if you are having difficulties we will help you finding stuff for a small finder’s fee. 

Yahoo if you are using Google Chrome on the link bar right side setup automatic translation to any language you need. English works perfectly. is Yahoo in Russian is in English

But here is a short tip: Use categories, Use search bar for Body type only (e.g. CL7, JZX100, S13, GC8), Sort items by price and condition. Don’t type Model and Maker in search bar you will find nothing (e.g. Honda Civic is actually Honda Shibikku in Japanese).

What we need from you

Process is simple all we need from you is to find the item you want, give us a link and we will buy it for you.

Once the item arrives to Europe you won’t need to deal with Customs yourself, we are going to clear customs for you.

In Short: 1) Find item 2) Send us a deposit 3) Wait until it comes to our store 4) Pick it up in Riga, Latvia or we will ship it in Europe.

Yes. It is that simple.

Import Process and Cost

Items import cost Low to High:

  • Steering wheel, Boost gauges set, Speedo, Wheel caps – 25e
  • Bumper grill, small exterior trim, side mirrors – 35e
  • Small Spoiler, Set of Headlights, Tail Lights, Door Visors, Clutch Kit, Axle shafts – 45e
  • Set of Brake Calipers, Audio system, Suspension Arms, Pair of Wheel Hubs – 55e
  • Usual size spoiler (e.g. Impreza WRX), Bumper lip, Differential, Bumper reinforcement – 65e
  • Set of Side Skirts, Pair of Wheels, Small Subframe, Muffler – 75e
  • Set of Wheels (up to 15’), Normal Subframe, Front and Rear Lip Combined, Fender (wing) – 85e
  • Small Bumper (Nissan Micra), Large Spoiler (WRX STi), Set of Wheels with tires (up to 15’) – 95e
  • Full body kit (x2 lips, x2 skirts), Medium Bumper (Toyota Altezza), Drive Shaft – 105e
  • Large Bumper (Lexus LS), Set of Wheels up to 20’, Car Seat, Single exhaust system – 120e
  • Dual exhaust system, Small Gearbox, Motorcycle Engine, Wheels up to 20’ w/ tires – 135e
  • Medium Size Engines, RWD/AWD Gearboxes, Set of 2 bumpers and skirts – 150e
  • Large Subframes, H6/V8/V12 Engines, Large Doors, Large Bonnets, transmission kits – 200e
  • Tiny Bikes, Engines with transmission – 250e
  • Normal size bikes – 300e

Send us a message if the item isn’t in the list. Also let us know if you are willing to buy many parts at the same time – we will give you a discount.

Import cost is only part of the actual cost of the items in our store. Here is a short description of process:

  • Items cost + 10% consumers tax. Items cost is 1000 you will pay 1100
  • Delivery in Japan Starting from 1000 Yen for Steering Wheel – ending with 15000 for an engine
  • Our Japanese agent fee for making a package, storage place and other fees 3000Y
  • Import Cost The one you see in the list
  • Customs (4.5% parts 10% bikes) and Taxes (21% VAT), No VAT if you have company outside of Latvia

E.g. You are buying a cheap aftermarket Bumper for Toyota Celsior UCF31 – cost 3000 Yen

3000 (item) + 300 (tax) + 8000 (delivery) + 3000 (agent) = 14300 Yen Converting to Euro 120e + 5e Customs + 120e Large bumper import cost + 51,50 (VAT 21%) = 296,50 Euro delivered to Our store.

Use Calculator to See Estimated Cost of your item Delivered to Riga, Latvia.

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