Work Equip 05 17′ 8J +23 9J +40 5×114.3 Stern Saleen


Behold Saleen Fox Body owners! Something that you don’t meet every day. These are not Stern but they are a very solid substitution.

Hear me out. Front pair has a lot of spindle clearance and rears are perfect for the rear axle. Trust me I sold plenty of Stern wheels in the past.

Don’t let Euro prices confuse you! We ship worldwide! (1 EUR = 1.1 USD / 100 EUR = 110 USD etc.)

Things done:

Silver coated faces
Brand new billet caps
Zinc plated hardware
Zinc plated nut seats
Polished lips and washed inner barrels.

These are popular among Skylines and some other JDM legends, I am very sure these will look just excellent on that Foxbody of yours.

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