Rays Volk Racing GRC R18 5×114.3 8.5J +36 9.5J +46


Rays Volk Racing GRC are one of the best Rays Engineering designs with evolutions of this design still being made today (after 30+ years). These are one of the thickest, biggest specs available at the time in this spec.
18′ wheels were not common in early 90ies, 8.5J front and 9.5J back in 18′ were fairly rare as well. These are a perfect fit for majority of RWD Nissans, Toyotas etc. They are factory 5×100 with 5×114.3 factory adapters yet adapters are lost. Offsets are written according to adapter. I can help you source some.
Wheels have some imperfections in their center caps with the rest of the wheel being fairly fine and in considerably good shape. No cracks.

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