BBS RG R18 Pair 8J+40 5×114.3


This item is coming from Japan. It is currently being transported to our Store.
ETA Middle-End of October 2023. Pre-orders are open at a reduced cost. Disputes and Claims are not allowed unless the shipment gets delayed.
By ordering these at a reduced cost you agree to be patient. Disputes and claims will be refunded immediately and buyers put in a permanent black list.

These BBS RG are not same as other BBS RG. These are JDM BBS, yes BBS made specifically for Japanese market.
These came in 16-18 inches. They are forged and fairly lightweight and its a shame they were not made in Europe or maybe a blessing who knows. But the main idea is they are oldschool mesh wheels with metal center nut and plates as well as lightweight so good for motorsports too.
Faces could do with a bit of cleaning and lips repolished and you are golden

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