Subaru Forester SG5 (2006)

Forester SG5 Cross Sport STI Edition
Comes With all exterior STI Parts, STI Enkei R17 Wheels, Cross Sport Interior and more. Car had 252k Km On odo and was mainly bought because of exterior Parts

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Subaru Forester SG5 Bone Stock

Forester SG5 Cross Sport, Comes with Crossfire front end and some JDM only options.

Automatic, 115k on odo, EJ205 220hp, R16 wheels.

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Subaru Forester SG5 Farmers Sleeper

Forester SG5 Cross sport with Crossfire front end, was a farmers car cause we found some fur inside…

Automatic, 135k on odo, ej205 220hp engine

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Legacy BH Time Attack

Probably Best wing on Auction for the May Import.
Endless 6 pot brakes, lots of braces, Cibie Headlights, Lots of interior and Exterior Improvements… Shall I continue?

Comes with EJ208 twin turbo and manual Transmission. Had 151k on odo

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Single Owner WRX

Due to auction sheet had just one owner since factory.
Has usual options as of any WRX, front and rear wrx 4/2 pots, Wagon body kit, Spoiler and very clean interior

Had 137k on odo, comes with manual and EJ205 250(!)HP engine, very clean one.

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90’s Classic BG5 Legacy

Very Clean Legacy with clean body parts. According to many Legacy dudes – best Chassis ever made.
Came with Nice R18 VS-SS 3 piece and some usual for this car parts

Had 170k on odo, Automatic EJ20H Twin Turbo

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Stock Sedan With a Surprise

Bone stock B4 Legacy with some Spec B Optional parts, Comes with Twin Genome exhaust and full body kit.

Car had 210k on odo and comes with Manual gearbox and ej204 180 hp N/A engine

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Tuner SF5 S/TB

One of the most expensive ones on the auction of December – March.
Comes with tonns of mods and aftermarket parts

Fozz had 116k on odo, comes with Manual gearbox and ej205 240hp Engine

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BH Legacy Kouki

One of the best looking BH’s you can find in the world. It has nice body kit, great interior and nice handling.

Car had 211k on odo and was bought mainely for body parts, comes with Manual gearbox and ej208 280hp Engine

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BH5 Zenki with OZ’s

Nice Legacy, bone stock even though has some minor aftermarket improvements like yellow fog lights and OZ wheels

Car had 130k on odo, ej206 twin turbo automatic

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