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Frequently Asked Questions

Some basic info you should know before making a purchase

Where Are We Located?

We are located in European Country Latvia, We have storage in Japan, Russia and few Ambassadorships in USA

How Are We Shipping Parts?
  • We ship Lightweight Stuff like Headlights, Gauge Clusters, Body Kits and Bumpers with Standard post worldwide or Courier in Europe.
  • Heavy Stuff like Doors, Seats, Engines and Gearboxes are being Shipped with Sea/Ocean Freight and with Courier in Europe
  • We Also Ship some parts with Priority Fedex, DHL and UPS if you ask us
How long will delivery take?
  • Delivery of any parts Europe Wise takes up to 2 weeks including handling times cause shipments are not being made every day
  • Delivery of Lightweight stuff worldwide takes about 5-8 days to USA or Canada (excluding holiday season like Christmas), Shipping to such Countries like Zimbabwe or Kenya may take up to 6-7 weeks
  • Ocean freight of heavy stuff to North America take 4-6 weeks
What if the Parcel arrives damaged?

We are working with different shipping companies and we know the risks of shipping with them.
We take care of items we ship by making the wrapping/packing job very carefully. We use packing materials that will likely prevent any damage.

In case the merchandise was still broken during transfer or damaged somehow we are discussing that with the customer to achieve the best result for both of us.

In case the Item Arrived damaged, please check for any evidence, in case you see the parcel is messed up, make pictures and refuse it, saying it is not meant for you. That way it will be returned to us. (Those are rare cases and happen very rarely but you should still be aware)

Do you accept Returns?

We do Accept returns, but from where we ship, the items could be shipped cheaper than from most of our customers countries like USA, so shipping item back would likely be unreliable.

Eventually before you see the item, please think about it and make sure you really need it. If you are unsure that the item fits your car ask all the necessary questions on website or visit our Facebook page JDM Emergency and contact there.

Do we have new parts?

Lots of other shops do, we are more aimed for Used and discontinued parts, We can get you new parts if you kindly ask but that is not what we are doing every day.

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