How to Use Japanese Yahoo Auctions and Find what you want (Yeah it’s actually not that easy)

What are Yahoo Auctions (This is important) I will cut the crap and will explain in short. Most of Japanese don’t know English and Yahoo Japan is meant for Japanese not “Outsiders” of the western world, so there are multiple Websites with bot translators that will help you navigating through it. Most popular is Buyee. Its […]

A “Must Have” guide for Forester SG Series Owners

This thread has a selected popular mods that our team can locate and get for you. Menu:Forester SG 03-05– XT body kits– Cross Sports/STi kits– Side Skirts and rear Bumper/Lips– Accessories– Important TipsForester SG 06-07– Front bumper types and lips– Grilles– Accessories– Important tips Forester SG 2003-2005 models There is one major question you want […]

New Arrivals: Rare stuff Vol. 1 (Comparison of SG OEM Body kits)

Arrivals as of 10/12/2018 (not a life long post) Hey guys its Leo here and we finally returned our website from the sleep as its not “Closed for maintenance” anymore. Once in a few weeks we will have some new arrivals to the store and I would like to get some more attention since those […]