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A “Must Have” guide for Forester SG Series Owners

This thread has a selected popular mods that our team can locate and get for you. Menu:Forester SG 03-05– XT body kits– Cross Sports/STi kits– Side Skirts and rear Bumper/Lips– Accessories– Important TipsForester SG 06-07– Front bumper types and lips– Grilles– Accessories– Important tips Forester SG 2003-2005 models There is one major question you want […]

Freedom Mount Stories Vol. 1 (Carbon Fiber Chronicles)

Hi guys, Leo here. In this post lets talk Carbon Fiber. Many of you know the brand called Freedom Mount (FM) which is sort of a daughter company of JDM Emergency. Well FM started about a year ago in September 2017. We have started the brand because we saw a demand of high quality hand […]

New Arrivals: Rare stuff Vol. 1 (Comparison of SG OEM Body kits)

Arrivals as of 10/12/2018 (not a life long post) Hey guys its Leo here and we finally returned our website from the sleep as its not “Closed for maintenance” anymore. Once in a few weeks we will have some new arrivals to the store and I would like to get some more attention since those […]