Viewing, Purchasing and bidding.

Viewing, Purchasing and bidding.


Any viewer of the Yahoo Auctions of Japan in Europe have to view the website using VPN Proxy service. Yahoo Auctions of Japan have limited the view for the European Visitors of their website.


Purchasing and Bidding on Yahoo can only be conducted through agents in Japan such as ourselves. 

In order to purchase anything you have to first make a deposit to our Bank account. We will estimate you an amount you will eventually spend and if that’s within your price range you can transfer us the money.

If you are willing to participate in an auction you must tell us what item you are interested in purchasing and tell us the highest bid you are willing to put. Please consult with us if you are not certain as to how much the certain item will sell for, as JDM parts specialists we may give you some free advice. 


How bidding works:

You tell us an amount you are willing to spend or put on the certain item. When we and you have come up with that amount our Japanese team will place a bid. Keep in mind that your final bid does not guarantee that you will buy that item for that amount as the item may sell at a lower price than anticipated in which case you spend less money.


If we have won the item for a smaller amount we can return the remaining amount or you can keep it on our balance and purchase something else. 

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