Shipping: Fees and Expenses

Shipping: Fees and Expenses

Spoiler alert: Transport Fees are in the end of the article

Shipping within Japan
Fixed Fees (Japanese agent fee, Customs 4.5%, VAT 21%**)
Flexible Fees (Delivery Cost from Japan to Riga, Latvia) (Single Items and packages)

Shipping Within Japan (Item purchased have to be delivered to our store)

Shipping within Japan varies starting from 1000 yen ending with up to 20000

Prices are normally up to:

~1000 yen for horn buttons, magazines etc.
1000-2000 yen for small items (steering wheel, mirrors)
2000-5000 yen for medium items (exhaust muffler, small spoiler)
5000-12000 yen for wheels and larger exhausts, bumpers
5000-12000 yen engines and gearboxes
Certain Items can max out at 20000 which are usually large Doors or bonnets Like Supra JZA80 or Lexus LS400

There are 2 types of sellers: Dealers and Private sellers. Dealers will most likely have a table of rates below, sometimes they have rate names Like D is a larger item and A is smaller.

Private sellers use Cash on delivery Shipping services so please understand that the fee can be as high as the rates I have put above. However in most cases they are lower and could be even ridiculously cheap.

Our store is located in Toyama city of Toyama prefecture. It is fairly close to Japan’s central prefectures so shipping prices are reasonable.

Items from Hokkaido, Okinawa and a couple of southern Prefectures are expensive to ship so make sure there are no similar items in other cities.


Fees split in 2 categories. Flexible depending on what you decide to transport as well as Fixed.

Fixed fees:

  • Purchase fee 500 Yen each item.
  • Japanese agent fee 1500-2000 yen depending on the size of the item
  • Pallet creating for the transport of the engine or gearbox: 3000-5000 yen
  • 4.5% EU customs fee
  • 21% VAT for Latvian companies and Private customers


Demo purchase example:
1)You live in the European Union, you are willing to buy wheels from Japan and bring them using our service. Things you need: VPN Proxy service, and preferably integrated translator in your browser to translate original Yahoo.  Otherwise you won’t be able to view items.


2) You have found a set of 18’’ wheels which cost 30000 Yen. You want to know their location first, if that is within the central Area of Japan – good, shipping will be fairly cheap. If it’s Islands or Hokkaido then it will be more expensive. Most of the shops in Japan have a table of rates in the description of the item you are interested in. Sometimes it is a picture so you will have to translate it. We have Storage In Toyama prefecture, Which means shipping will cost 8000 yen (for example)


3) You are satisfied with the amount you will be spending, which is 38000 yen. You contact us. I tell you that purchasing is not a problem, however there is also a 500 yen transfer fee and 1500 yen agent fee. So it is 40000 yen (280€) delivered to the Container Now. When the container arrives to Our country we have to pay 4.5% Customs and 21% VAT. 12.65€ and 61,45€. And our Fee for transferring your wheels 180€ + 21% VAT. 218€. Total cost of your wheels in our store would be: 572€

Note: If you are willing to participate in an auction, you give us the maximum bid you wish to spend and we use it as a final value to calculate your import. If the auction was won at a lesser price we can either return you the difference or you can use it for the future purchases.

4) You agree and transfer the money. We purchase or auction an item and it arrives at our Store in Japan where it waits for the container to fill. 

5) As soon as the container has arrived we calculate shipping to your country in Europe or you pick it up yourself from our store in Riga.

Note: We can calculate you an approximate delivery cost in Europe for the item you are willing to purchase, but the amount will be approximate.

Flexible Fees:

Popular items small to large:

  1. Sports steering wheel, radio, small interior trim, mirror covers etc, small grill, set of gauges. 35€
  2. Mirrors set, small tail lights set, small headlights, medium size grill. Gauge cluster. 55€
  3. Small but heavy. Turbine, small exhaust pipe e.g. Uppipe, oil cooler, pair of brake calipers up to 6 pot. Differential without shell, 1 axle. 65€
  4. Medium size. Small spoiler, medium size headlights, tail lights, standard sedan wagon rain guards set, larger grill (before latest lexus grilles) multi piece lip, small diffuser, set of rwd fwd axles (2), small car lip. 85€
  5. Medium heavy. Set of shock absorbers, full set of calipers, differential in case, dowpipe, pair of small sports mufflers or one average size muffler. Set of axles (4), cyl head (1), fwd gearbox.110€
  6. Large. Sti spoiler, small car lip kit (2 lips). Standard side skirts, small car skirts. Small older car bumper e.g. Nissan micra up to ‘00. 1 bucket seat (made of fiberglass or carbon). Modern massive grilles. 130€
  7. Large and heavy. Set of wheels up to 15’. Average size exhaust system in pieces (toyota altezza), average size subframe. Standard size lip kit or side skirts set, average size bumper of older up to 05 cars. Massive multi piece wing or carbon wing in a box. Small fiberglass panels like trunk lid, 1 average size car seat 130€
  8. Oversize. Standard size bumper of almost any modern car. 2 piece rear seat, set of door panels (cards). 150€
  9. Oversize heavy. Set of wheels 16-19. Rwd, awd gearbox on a pallet. Manual or small automatic. Bumper over rider. Sedan trunk lid. Large exhaust system in parts. 180€
  10. Oversize heavy +. Wheels 20-24, wheels up to 15’ with tires (added hazardous import tax not included). Car door, trunk hatch, average size bonnet. Large Gearbox: Automatic, 6 Speed, CVT. Small up to 1.6 4 cyl inlines. 220€
  11. Oversize heavy ++. Engines from 1.6 4 cyl up to 3 liter inline 6. Boxer engines up to 2.5L H4. Small fwd engines with gearbox attached. Large car door, bonnet, hatch. Offroad metal skid plates. 270€
  12. Oversize heavy +++. Calculated separately. Anything over the dimensions of the previous items. 16+ inch wheels with tires etc. 

Prices Do not include VAT (21%)


In case you have found out that something is missing or you think you are not sure where your item fits. Please let us know on the contact form below. We will help you out. 






  1. Small importer: steering wheels, buttons and misc stuff. 50x50x100 cm box, fit whatever you wish. 120€
  2. Small importer +: small pallet space. 80x60x100 280€ (limit of 5 separate purchases)
  3. Pallet: 100/100/120 550€ (limit of 10 separate purchases)
  4. Pallet +: 1 pallet + oversize item 6-8 620€ (limit of 10 separate purchases + 1 oversize item 6-8)
  5. Me, my friends, family and a dog: 2 pallets + 10% discounts for the oversize items. 1030€
  6. Shop owner: 4 pallets and 15% discounts for oversize items. 1800€ + 450€ each extra pallet.
  7. Anyone spending 500€ in fees for their current order gets a 10% off fees for a further deal.

Separate purchases limit: Well a short and ridiculous explanation is: You have a pallet space, you want to fill it with the steering wheel buttons, you can fit thousands of the buttons in there. If you have purchased boxes of buttons in a single purchase that’s totally fine. However if you are willing to purchase thousands of buttons, each of them ordered separately that would put us in a very difficult position. So in order to limit similar activity a limit of purchases has been set.


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