Delivery Process Explained

Delivery In Europe


Delivery varies depending on your location. We can organize delivery by land for any items to the following countries:


Germany. Poland, Benelux, Northern France: DPD, EMS, Ground Delivery by VAN

Sweden, Norway, Finland. DPD, EMS, Delivery By VAN

Baltic states. DPD, Delivery By Van, Post Boxes.

Ireland. DPD, Delivery By Van.

UK: EMS or VAN on route from London to Manchester. 


Other European countries please ask. We have DPD Available for all EU countries. 


All items up to group 10 can be posted within EU by DPD if they don’t exceed 25 kg per item. We don’t ship metal body panels like doors and trunks with DPD. 

If an item requires repackaging or the item’s current package is not sufficient we offer our packing services to prevent your goods from damage in transfer.


We accept payments VIA Paypal with added fees or Bank transfer.

Though we prefer Bank transfer it can take a few hours or even days so we recommend making transfers via paypal to avoid delays.


If the payment is delayed we are not able to bid or purchase the item you are willing to obtain until the amount cleared our bank account.


If you are a returning customer or you already have a deposit balance using our service then a copy of payment is enough, we can cover up to 500€ if that is what you are missing for us to conduct a purchase.


Any calculated purchase you might have calculated will have added 4.5% customs and 21% VAT on top.

If you are paying as a company within Latvia you will pay tax and you can return it via our local registry. 

Companies from outside Latvia must pay VAT too but as a deposit which will then be returned in full within 30 days after container arrival. Here is why:

Our company is paying VAT upon container arrival which is then returned to our company. We are working on a method to make the importation procedure tax free for the foreign companies, however that may take at least a year. 


Avoid purchasing wheels with tires by all means. Purchase them only if the wheels are super rare or they are sold for a very good price.

Tires cannot be removed in Japan. We take a considerable extra amount on top of our standard importation fee, because tires are a hazardous item and they have a specific importation procedure as well as hazardous item tax. 


Engines, gearboxes are shipped on pallets only.


Items purchased in Japan independently must be shipped to our Address with the mentioned RWI in the address line. Our storage in Japan is large and in order to avoid the unnecessary risks of your purchase being lost please provide the shipping address to your Japanese agent as following: (To be added later)


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  1. wskinn says:

    Hi! Soooooo…… let’s say my friend was a dumbass, and they brought a Subie BG5 GTB backseat through Buyee for $80, and now Buyee wants $710 to send it to the USA. Could I maybe have that seat delivered to you, and you guys container it to the States? It’s me. I made my friend up. I’m the dumbass. Pleeeeeeze?!?!?!
    William Dumbass Skinner.

    • Leonid Solo says:

      fact is, give up. next time dont fuck up. I can’t help but there are importers in USA that can help. Just take and effort to find them

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