The Process Of Bringing Parts From Japan

Before you read this. We are located in Latvia (European Union) 90% of imported parts can be shipped only to European countries. Most oversize items cannot be posted to North America, Australia and everywhere but Europe. Sorry.

Lets begin.
If you have read our Yahoo topic and tried finding something then you might be wondering what you should do to bring the stuff you found in.

The process

Use calculator if you will get lost in all this.

The process is simple but lets split it in 2 parts.

  1. Getting the item and bringing it to the Port
  2. Taking the item to our store in Latvia (and ship it to you if needed)

Part 1: Lets say you are buying a set of cheap 14 inch wheels that cost 10000 Yen. There is a consumers tax (in most cases) for each deal which is 10%. Delivery in Japan for a set of wheels like these would cost ~ 7000 yen. So the total price in port would be 10000 + 10% + 7000. 18000 Yen
Part 2: After the Item was brought to our store, our agent in Japan takes 3000 yen commission. 18000+3000=21000. Now this is the cost of the item ready to depart. Once the item arrived to Port in our country we are paying 4.5% Customs from the total price and VAT atop of that which makes it 21000*1,045*1,21=26550 Yen. We convert it in euro and add our 85€ + VAT transportation for small wheels. We get 215€ + (103) = which makes it 318 Euro.

Have I lost you? Use calculator it’s easier that way.

What Time Frame We Are Looking?

We are usually giving about 5-6 weeks to buy all the stuff you need and extra 1-2 weeks to bring over to the port. The transfer of container from Japan to Riga, Latvia takes about 2 months. So if you are “lucky” enough to be the first in line you will wait 3.5-4 months. If you are literally lucky enough to be the last to buy stuff then your parts might get here faster. We are filling our first containers now and if this is going to be a success then eventually anyone will wait around 4 months anyway.

Maersk Line – from one route to a global network | Maersk
Shipping from Europe takes at least 6 weeks for a ship to get from Japan and 8 weeks to Latvia. We give 6 weeks to arrange buying things in Japan so it makes a total of 3-4 months for the time to arrive after we purchased it.


Ok that is fine with me, how do I pay? What do I do?


We have a balance in Japan so we can buy pretty much anything anytime. You find what you want and we buy it. But of course you have to transfer us the amount you are willing to spend first. We give you an estimation according to the data we know about the item and then you send us the amount so that we can buy the item.

  • Cost of the Part 1 of the deal (price + tax + delivery).
  • Once the item is at our port we send you pictures and you send us the Part 2 amount (customs, vat, our transportation).
  • If there is an amount left from the part 1 we will include it in our part 2 payment. Once the item will arrive to our store we will make you a total invoice of the item cent to cent.


For now we are working out the auction process, how we can let our customers participate in one but most likely we will decide on your highest bid and we will bid for you. As for the fixed amounts, you show us what you want bought, we tell you estimates and precautions (if there are any: like not trustworthy seller or the item is in Okinawa and domestic shipping will cost a lot), if you agree we are buying it.

Everything is made the easiest Way. We give you an estimate, you make a transfer and we buy your item. If you are not in a rush just make a simple bank transfer, if you want to purchase item quickly we can offer you using platforms for fast transfer like Transferwise or Paysend.

Ok, I am not in Latvia what do I do?

Everything the same, except when the item arrives we will charge you separately for shipping of the goods. Usually almost any items except for Set of Wheels, Gearboxes and Engines will cost under 50e to deliver around Europe and Under 100e for stuff like bumpers. We use DPD or EMS post in some cases. Shipping to Iceland is performed by EMS or Fedex.
We are professionals in making packages as we are doing business with countries worldwide shipping items every week. We had a lot of experience with damaged items so our packaging is damage proof.

Germany? No problem. Romania? Easy. Malta? Possible.

DPD acquired Geis parcel divisions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia |  Euro logistics portal
DPD is possibly the best cheap option for items of any size under 200cm that weigh under 30 kg. Spoilers, Exhausts, Pair of Wheels and Suspension parts.

What if the item arrives damaged?

Everything is possible. As soon we get the item in port of Japan we will send you pictures of the items to show they are safe. Once the container is being filled the items will be filled according to what they are, like we can put bumper over the box with coilovers. You can expect small scratches you couldn’t have noticed when you were buying the item, it is normal, there is a possibility of small scratches in transfer but we will protect your items as much as possible. If you don’t trust this we can always make a crate which will be extra payment to make and package will be bigger which means total transportation cost will be higher.

Of course all of these are precautions and we are giving you worst case scenario. And rest assured that if the item will somehow arrive damaged, we will always compensate you.

We Definitely know our way of making a good, safe package. You can count on our work.


That’s it for this small FAQ if you have more feel free to message us in Whatsapp, Messenger or Email.

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