Everything You Need To Know To Import From Japan (Step By Step)

Importation of any kind of bits from Japan using our services is pretty straight Forward but you have to understand how it works and I am going to explain the process Step by Step.

Step 1 (Searching)

We recommend sending us the details of the item as soon as you decided to buy it or bid on it.

You have 2 options: Search for parts yourself or let us find parts for you (we take small commission for that). Once you (or we) have found the item (make sure it’s not the auction that ends in 3 hours) we will give you rough estimate on how much it will cost to import it.

Step 2 (Buying)


We will invoice you the estimate of the item delivered to our Store in Japan (Item cost + tax + delivery in Japan) and you can transfer us the money. The moment we have the amount on our balance we will place your bid or purchase the item. Don’t worry that would only be an estimate we will correct the invoice if the shipping cost in Japan will be less and you won’t pay more, eventually we will add the extra amount in the next invoice.

Transfers take a bit of t


ime but we have different Faster payment options:
Paysend (takes couple seconds to arrive, transfer cost is 1.50e)
Transferwise (Little bit more expensive but also arrives instantly)
Paypal (But you can only send money as goods and services 4.5%)
In all cases you just link your card and send the money.

If you are not in rush you can always make a transfer with your bank but Paysend will have a better conversion and fees.

Step 3 (Arriving to Port in Japan)

We wait for the item to arrive at our store in Japan and as soon as it comes we make you a complete invoice:
Item Cost + Tax + Delivery in Japan + Customs in Riga (4.5%) + Our transportation Fee + VAT (21%). Then you transfer us the remainder and we wait for the Container to depart.
(Next departure is planned in the middle of December)

Step 4 (Shipping to Europe)

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Usually it takes about 2 months to arrive to Riga, Latvia and you can always track it with the tracking number we give.

Container leaves Japan and we wait for it to Arrive. It takes roughly 55-65 days for the container to come to the port of Riga. While you wait we will provide you with the tracking number of the container so that you can see the current location of the Vessel carrying it.

Step 5 (Final step)

Container have arrived, we have cleared customs and paid all the taxes, brought the items to our store. Here is what we do depending on your location:
For the local customers: You can arrange a meeting with us to pick up the item or we can ship it to Latvian provinces.
For the Customers in Estonia and Lithuania: We will Use Autopost Services to deliver your items. Light items like exhaust, bumpers – up to 50e, Heavy Items like wheels, engines gearboxes up to 100e. You can always come and pick up yourself too.
For the Customers in the Rest of Europe: We can ship all light items with DPD (Including bumpers) starting from 25e for small items and up to 100e for Wheels etc.
Shipping of Engines and Gearboxes are only possible to Poland, Benilux, Germany, Scandinavian Countries, United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France.

Not that hard, again if you have any questions, hit us up in the contact form on the bottom right corner of the page.


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