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Freedom Mount Stories Vol. 1 (Carbon Fiber Chronicles)

Hi guys, Leo here. In this post lets talk Carbon Fiber.

Many of you know the brand called Freedom Mount (FM) which is sort of a daughter company of JDM Emergency. Well FM started about a year ago in September 2017. We have started the brand because we saw a demand of high quality hand crafted parts. So we started testing what we can do.

Time passed, we completed many orders, yet there were delays because of different difficulties that had to be solved. Eventually we came up with an idea that we can start making our own stuff. Yeah that’s right.

As for now we had 5 major products we were selling:

3 piece BG Wing that also fit few GG Impreza’s (Discontinued)

Syms Spoiler made of Carbon fiber or Fiberglass (Discontinued)

SG Forester Zenki and Kouki Mid spoilers (carbon Fiber) that we are planning to sell for some time.

Mr. Harris has both top and mid Wing

SG Zenki STI Bumper fog surrounds out of Carbon Fiber. Made them from Carbon fiber cause Aqua print is lame


Real carbon fiber looks way better than aqua print

Our design

I dig the idea of making the parts designed by my own Brand, Company, Team and so on. I know that our brand is more than capable with distribution of Carbon Fiber parts so I realized we should start with small but mighty little things. As for now we will split our target in 2 pieces

1) Complicated product that requires lots of work: Sketching, 3d scanning and modelling, CNC cutting and lots of other work (these parts will appear once in 2-3 months) – Wings, Spoilers, Grilles.

We all know Concepts and Sketches are just Sketches but we dig the looks of the mid wing and the top one (as we want to make a 3 piece version) Yet all this stuff requires serious 3d modelling skills and will take time to produce


2. Little things that doesn’t require large amount of work because we can skip few high tech processes because they can be made by hand. Eyelids, Trims, Mirror covers etc.

This Concept was created just to make a design for the eyelids. They came out sexy, but the rest of the car? Damn I am calling Michael Bay I think we have a new Transformer


What to expect

Many of you know that our main market is Forester/Legacy models so that would be the first cars that will gain the special designs. Our cool Designer will take care of those rides. We have variety of sketches for BP Legacy or SG Forester and soon some of the parts designed for those cars will see the world.

As for now we have:

1) BL Legacy (sedan) Plate garnish made of bare Carbon fiber. (Rodrick Trinidad testing it on his car)

Always loved how he made *dat ass* looking.

2) SG Forester (06-08) Mirror Covers that will be launched in the mid November

Some of you saw this poll on Freedom Mount 1) Wrap 2) Covers I bullshitted all of you both options are Covers. Came out clean and sexy.

3) SG Forester (06-08) Eyelids that should be launched until Black Friday

These are in progress and design has changed since the picture was made


As for now, that’s pretty much it. I am running like a beast all around the town. Hopefully you guys will like our products. More new to come.

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