New Arrivals: Rare stuff Vol. 1 (Comparison of SG OEM Body kits)

Arrivals as of 10/12/2018 (not a life long post)

Hey guys its Leo here and we finally returned our website from the sleep as its not “Closed for maintenance” anymore. Once in a few weeks we will have some new arrivals to the store and I would like to get some more attention since those Newcomers would be mostly rare bits which are hard to come by. Some of them will be up for sale, some would be already sold.

Rare Stuff:
1) Prova Grill for SF5 Reserved 
2) RFRB Roof Spoiler for SF5 Reserved
3)  G Square grill for BC BF series Legacy
Not so Rare Stuff:
4) Front Lips for SG 2003-2005 Silver
5)  Side skirts for SG 2003+
6) JDM Tail lights for 97-99 SF Reserved
7)  Tail light garnishes for BP Legacy
8) BE BH Rev A-C Aftermarket Grill


Rare Stuff

1) The Prova SF5 grill, which I saw in Hyper Rev Vol. 41 Page 28

Very unique grill for sure and once I have shown pictures of it on my page it immediately had lots of interest and was reserved after maybe 10 minutes.
Definitely a good dress up part and I would love to fit one to my Forester If I had one lol. Many aftermarket parts are hard to get nowadays and this grill is totally worth the price it was sold for. (Yeah it was sold sorry folks)

Image may contain: car
Potato Camera picture of the Hyper Rev VOL. 41

2) RFRB Roof Spoiler for SF5 is probably the thing many people only heard of, never even seen one in person nor on the pictures as they thought its some sort of a myth. Not anymore, its sold already so we will see how it will look like on a customers car 🙂

3) G Square grill for BC BF Legacy. Some say it doesn’t look as good. Well I’ll be honest, what is a perfect looking aftermarket grill? Just a fiberglass frame with the mesh? Cmon guys, this is the grill that from the Composites shop’s point of view is a lot harder to make and definitely requires more attention.


Comparison of SG OEM Body kits (Part 1) Front end Conversions

(this one is long)

Cross Sports/STI


Last few days I saw some guys asking on SG OEM (means made by Fuji Heavy Industries) body kits. So I’d like to tell more about that so that you guys finally Aware of what your friends have or what are those mysterious side skirts you saw on the car meet that you never seen before. Yeah you will say, Leo stfu we all know this crap, but believe me, there are many customers that are not aware of that.

In this Topic which would be split in 3 parts you will Learn the most important: Front end Conversions, variety of side skirts, rear bumpers, lips, spats, aero-guards and stuff like that.

Lets start with a Front End Conversions For 2003-2005, Such as:
1) STI front end which comes with fog covers and has a very rare option of fog lights.
2) Cross Sports front end:

  • No Lip Conversion
  • Crossfire Lip Conversion
  • STI Lip Conversion

Also those front ends have only 3 grilles (STI with a Metal mesh, Plastic mesh or Metal mesh grill with 2 vents on the bottom)
Very few Cross Sport Front ends (No Lip, STI Lip ones) came with an STI Fog covers

So to begin with I would like to say that STI Bumper has a same form to Cross Sport bumper with a difference of the fog light/cover housings.

1)No Lip conversion, usually its a great option for a daily ride which doesn’t need any of the aggressive looking aero pieces, cheap to acquire, easy to install. On the other hand it is the least popular conversion, even though it is the cheapest.

Image may contain: car2) Crossfire Lip, I’d say its a best seller. First of all it was popular in Japan back in the day, now its popular worldwide! Bulky front lip, Carbon fiber alike fog light surrounds, and overall pretty aggressive look makes it worth the money sellers are asking. Yet right now they become more rare since Cars are being bought for parts too many. Here is a picture of the one we had.

Image may contain: car and outdoor
Aero Grill: common option to those front ends, yet somehow not popular

3) STI Lip Front end. This one is probably the best looking (My bad opinion) as the lip looks classic and is pretty rare. Usually sells for same price as STI Front end, has less aggressive look than Crossfire but is a great pick for sure if you need to get some attention at car meets and outstand the Crossfire Conversion folks

Image may contain: car and outdoor
Yeah, I think this looks better!

4) STI Front end conversion. Usually Sells for as much as $1300-1500, its as popular as Crossfire but in reality its just a mutant version of a No Lip Conversion. Sometimes people modify Crossfire lip to make the car look lower and and more aggressive, yet in my opinion the STI lip is great for that purpose since the Crossfire lip makes your car look like a Santa Claus. Picture of a front end! This one is being used on a Mr. Josh Harris’s Car.

Image may contain: sky, car, twilight, outdoor and nature
Mr Harris’s car, Combo with a Cross Sports mesh plastic Grill

JDM bumper conversion walkthrough:

For a JDM bumper conversion you need:
1) Bumper itself with a bumper beam (right now we actually think you can use your old beam but you definitely need Cross Sports foam (it has S letter on it and it is white)
2) Grill: Aero Grill with 2 vents, Cross Sports grill or STI grill or any other Aftermarket grilles that are Cross sports/STI spec grilles (Liberal)
3) Headlight Garnishes/Surrounds/Bezels/Supporters or whatever you call them
4) Lots of nerves taking off the bumper from the beam, because that personally pisses me off.

Thats all you need.

Small FAQ thread:
Q: Will my stock XT grill work? A: No, ts too big and has different lines.
Q: Will my stock Surrounds work? A: No, for the same reason.
Q: Can I fit just a JDM grill with no bumper? A: Yes but using the JDM surrounds, also you will have noticeable gap under the grill.
Q: Can I fit the bumper with no beam? A: I think yes if you will remove your stock bumper foam.
Q: What is a pricing for each of above? A: approx $500-700 No lip, $1000-1400 for the Crossfire, $1000-1600 for the STI lip and Same pricing for the STI Conversion. That is usually a price for the Conversion (Bumper, headlight surrounds and grill and beam of course)

JDM Lips, Fog light covers and other accessories.

This one is a small topic, but some people prefer XT bumper with some exterior touch up:

“Customer: Hey JDM Emergency I want something to improve how my car looks like But I don’t want the cross sports conversions. Any Ideas?”


Here is a list of the pretty much every accessory:
1) Sports Lip with Headlight sports “Vented” garnishes and Sports grill
2) STI Lip
3) Fog Light STI Covers
4) Bumper over rider

Sports front end is pretty common in Japan, they come only to XT versions, They full body kit usually contain Front lip, Side Skirts and rear bumper Spats. Usually its pretty cheap conversion since the whole body kit could be bought for the price of No Lip Cross Sports conversion. Some of our customers have it, since it adds all the necessary dress up to you car, makes it different but doesn’t cost a fortune at the same time. Whats Interesting are the headlight “Vented Garnishes” which many Cross Sports guys regret can’t fit their cars, (Evil Laugh).

Everything I was telling you about is here. The Sport body kit along with those garnishes and the Grill. Great looking car by the way. Picture stolen From Google.

Very few know about this, but the STI lip kit was available to SG Forester since it was first released in Japan in 2002 (yeah when yall bought your SF in States Japan guys be rolling SG already, Evil Laugh) What’s good about it? Its RARE to find them used, but they are being sold new, yet the lip will cost you sometimes up to $850 delivered. Full body kit has the side skirts same as on Sports XT version and the most epic thing is rear lip which is the only OEM rear lip that fits XT bulky bumper. Also this front end sometimes comes with STI fog light covers, which are pretty RARE and some people are ready to pay fortune for those.

Thats actually the Forester We bought in Japan back in August. It has the Full STI Body kit. With those side skirts people are usually curious about


Image may contain: car
Picture of the bumper + Those super Rare STI Fog Covers.

Other thing which wasn’t a USDM option (I think) was the over rider, it wasn’t common anywhere since it was just a piece of plastic over the bumper which adds you “That Cross Country Look” makes your forester look “Outbackish” and pretty much is good option for the Lifted Foresters. However since its just a plastic piece it wont save you from the tree and will crack like any plastic piece will.

Yup, here it is. Another picture stolen from Google, if you mind me using it, please tell me 🙂


That’s pretty much it. Thanks for the attention. In the next Blog post I will have some more RARE bits and we will Discuss the 2006-2008 Body kits, how they called, how much they cost and why you Do or DO NOT need to buy them.

Thanks for the main picture to our dude Raul and remember – If you have the rare JDM bits your car becomes more expensive.
“Customer: Like, Wow? I never thought about it that way! Makes sense Leo, thanks!”

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