Buying Parts Separately Instead of Buying All at Once. But Why?

Hey guys, Leo here!

Many times selling something rare I faced some guys offering me to buy something separately. Example:
SG9 STI JDM Seats have rear seat rails. With no Rails you can’t install rear seats properly. Sadly I don’t know why, many sellers doesn’t know you actually need them and they sell seats separately. Later though someone that have been trapped this way has to search for rails for a very long time. But why is this happening to us and how to prevent this?

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yep, the dream never comes true if you won’t have them 🙁

Let’s group people that are buying parts that way:

  1. First group of people are the people that are not aware of what they are buying. Probably the seller either never knew what he is selling or just simply haven’t told that it wont fit without that part (We were that seller that never knew and always tried to improve that situation when we were told).
  2. People that want something real bad and just buying it cause it seem to be a great deal.
    – I had one customer bought Rear Cross Sport Rear Lip for $30 in japan, but then the middle men in Japan told him the delivery will cost $300, oops.
  3. People that are buying something no matter what, they don’t care.
    – My story. I have found rear Nismo flares for My K11 Micra. I instantly bought them. But what now? 2 options, I wait for the front one to appear (it might happen) or when the next time full kit appears I will instantly buy it too. Why? Cause I don’t care, I need it more than money!

Those are 3 groups of people, some are just new in the Game, some are just too naive and some are just nihilists. Which method is the best? Well they are all equally pocket killing.

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When you are buying something Rare you must be aware, that your mistake might be the root of all your problems. You will put yourself into a sequence of nightmares of finding that small remaining piece to install your “Something very rare”, but why should you do that when you can simply follow some easy rules:

Saistīts attēls

Rule 1 – Be Aware

Always ask the seller about the fitment of the parts you never had on your hands and none of the people you know had. If the seller doesn’t know, ask google, take your time and collect all the data you need to make a safe transaction that won’t end up with a rare piece on your backyard cause you can’t install it.

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Rule 2 – Don’t be a Greedy One

Don’t buy something that is not a full setup cause it’s always more expensive and really difficult to collect everything else apart. As an example:

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Modulo bumper on our Customer’s David’s TSX, Thanks David.

– Honda Accord CL7-9 or Acura TSX has rare Euro and JDM option, the Modulo Bumper. It has rare piece consisting of 3 parts: Bumper itself, Multicolor (gold, rainbow) Fog Lights and Grille. Everything at one piece will cost from $1000-1300, Bumper alone would cost $750 shipped, Fog lights $400 shipped, Grille $400 shipped. Total: 1550. Time collecting pieces apart (1-2 years).
If you think you will save money, then no, you will waste lots of time and money too.

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Rule 3 – Don’t make Impulsive decisions

“Woow, that’s the Prova 3 piece spoiler! I was looking for one for years, ah crap it has one side missing, but damn I was looking for it for so damn long, I will buy it now” Believe me or not you will end up with the piece that you can only use for parts. Save your money don’t be a fish my friend.

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Rule 4 – Take Care

Take care of yourself. Everyone wants to be happy and we all deserve that. Parts you can’t use could be a worst investment in your life. Instead of buying that disappointment ask yourself:
– Do I really need that?
And if it so, just save that amount you were about to pay and spend it next time on some other rare complete part or parts. You don’t deserve the stress of trying to find something to complete your rare piece.

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Of course, some will say – Leo you are wrong cause I am building my 1985 Brat for 5 years and I like the process. Then you are a 3 kind of a person that doesn’t care no matter what and I respect that, you spend tons of money for a project that eventually is not worth it (in other peoples eyes), but you do it for yourself and the process of finding and buying incomplete stuff just entertains you.

Hope I gave some clear instructions, if you have something to add feel free to ask me to add that info in the list. If you think I am wrong tell me that too.

But always remember, Rare parts game is tough. Buy complete stuff by following rules or buy incomplete stuff, entertain yourself and stop whining.


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