Story of the SG SYMS Replica Untold

The Untold Story Behind the SYMS replica Spoiler

Hey guys, Leo here, and I just got out of Jail (read post earlier) few days ago. I was at the Car meet yesterday and during the trip from there I realized I need to make a post of how the SYMS Replica was made and why We made it, why it is more expensive than Russian replicas and why Delivery takes too long.

Josh Harris’s 500+ awhp Forester Involving the Russian replica and JDM Emergency parts

So the very story began in the late summer 2017 when JDM Emergency had lots of requests for SYMS wings for SG Forester series. The only option we had was the Russian replica that is pretty popular in USA. So the very first replica was made for Josh Harris and shipped last summer, he made great vouch for our team with his epic car with that wing. However in real life the fitment of the wing was awful, there were no mounting points (so you had to use screws to mount it) there was no brake light and the wing was all twisted.

See those gaps on the right and left, the brake light mounting place is too narrow for the OEM brake light

I realized I can’t sell the Merchandise I don’t like… So for some time we refused to sell SYMS Replicas and moved on. Eventually Russian replicas spread Ebay in next 2 months and people were asking us to make better ones since Russian replicas were awful quality.

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Brandon Woyshnis (Woyshnis Media) and His BG Legacy with 3 piece wing by Freedom Mount

By that time we had Freedom Mount selling BG 3 piece wings and I wasn’t really happy of making the Syms replica since the BG 3 piece was a replica as well. Eventually I never had an OEM Syms wing… The only thing I had was the Russian replica which had a place to fit Lada (!!!) Brake light instead of OEM Light that was used in SYMS. So after few days of thinking I made a plan on how to make the SYMS replica as close as the Genuine SYMS wing:

First step was the great fitment and we worked few days just to make the fitment right, used filler again and again and again to achieve the better fitment. (DONE)

Excluded the torsion of the wing, placed the wing to the Hatch pillars with 0 gaps, made new mounting place for the brake light

Second step was the OEM brake light, we used the brake light that is being used on (SF5 (sti), SG5 (sti, cross sport), BH (GT, GTB), Subaru Pleo) Spoilers. I had a spare SG wing that I got the brake light off and used it to make a new mounting point for the wing. (DONE)

Third step was making a better 4 piece mold since the Russian wing we used was made the easy way and spoilers tend to crack where the piece are glued together. Since the mold was more complicated it increased the cost of it.

Carbon Fiber top piece of the Wing after being infused

Fourth step was to find the supply of brake lights and oh no, they are discontinued…

From now on for those who care about the JDM heritage, OEM only guys and oh no you should’ve just gave it to me don’t read and go away.

All those brake lights (and even more) came on a wing since factory

So the only option was to make a bulk buy of the 15 BH5 Spoilers. Damn son, so that’s what we did, we bought whole 15 OEM Spoilers just for the brake light… Crazy…

Here is a proof

We imported all the brake lights and that was probably what took so long for the wing to be supplied. Right now we are shipping all the wings and brake lights that we were promised to ship earlier.
Eventually this is what we eventually achieved with the SYMS replica:

Removed all the imperfections


Added OEM Brake light


And made the wing looks almost identically to the OEM one

We took the Russian replica, improved it for a best fitment we could do, added oem brake light and Painted it World Rally Blue to advertise haha.

WRB, Sounds Conservative right?

That was an OEM looking wing, the wing people deserve to have on their awesome expensive builds.

First 3 wings: Java Black Pearl / Aspen White Pearl / Unpainted

Eventually as we planned we were going to make a Carbon Fiber Wings for those who was willing to have a most unique piece. The result was tremendous, wing was lightweight for its size, great thing for sports for sure.

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One of the Wings was partially painted including the Fat layer of the Clear Coat for a max Fancy look

The result that we were willing was achieved with 140% success, people are sharing the posts up to this time telling good things about the proper made wing.


But replicas are still replicas, we never designed that wing and we can’t celebrate the success of the SYMS Racing Team. The process of the Aero Parts design is harsh and difficult, requires lots of time and many errors made during the production. Eventually the team would love to make that wing under the SYMS franchise but I don’t know if it’s possible at all..

Soon we are going to end the production of the SYMS replicas forever and I hope we are not going to make Replicas anymore.

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