Driving with no License. Pros and Cons

In 2 days I am going to Jail for 5 days to think of why I shouldn’t have driven with no license for the past 15 months, Government think that I will think about my behavior and Improve, but I already improved and here is a story on Pros and Cons of driving with no License. But long story short first:


I live in Riga in a small country called Latvia and like in most countries we have reckless drivers.

Driving down the road in late September 2016 ended with a road rage with public transport (cause those bastards are driving like a maniacs), eventually after few loud horns from the bus I drove away. Next day somewhere at 9 am I had an incoming call:
– Hello this is a police officer “name”. Were you driving green Honda Accord yesterday down the “name” Street?
– Yeap, why?
– Bus cameras registered Road accident with your car and it registered how you left.
Well you all know how it ends. I got fined and they took my license for 3 months…

Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “rain man driving”

2 days before they took my license, I bought a new car – WGC34 00’s Nissan Stagea, that was my first real JDM import and imagine yourself buying your dream car and you can’t drive it for 3 months and every day you come outside it looks at you “Cmon get inside, lets gooo”.
So I came with a decision – “I don’t care, Cars for life”

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Oh my, Excitement was real

So I got back behind the Steering wheel, even though now I had no license… And here are the Pros of driving with no License:

  • Your driving becomes safe, as safe as possible, no more drifting on the wet roads, no more doubling the speed limits and of course chance of getting in an accident is very low. You start driving as an old grandma and that is totally worth it.
  • Your focus becomes wider cause you are all about looking for police cars, you learn how to become calm and you train your poker face when police officer is looking straight at you. All those abilities that you trained during your Illegal driving will eventually help you in stressful situations where you need to stay calm and think sober.
  • Teaches you how no to road rage cause that increases your chance not to be spotted.
Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “ferris bueller day grandma driver”
Not that crazy

Eventually most dangerous people are the people that passed the driving test after 10th attempt (Soccer mom’s, old people and just shitheads) which you should be aware of on the roads. I have heard of a dudes being caught after 25(!) Years of driving with no license being stopped for a dui test by random. Those are probably most accurate and skilled daily drivers in the world.
Why they haven’t passed the driving test? Why they have driven that way for so long? Sadly that is unspoken. But the truth is, those drivers have less chance of road accident than any driver with license.

Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “toretto”
Dom ever had a license? I doubt it


Of course there are numerous Cons of driving with no License:

  • First of all if you will get caught you will go to Jail and fined. If you will make an accident, you will go to jail and fined. If you will hit the man even if that was not your fault – you will go in jail for a long time and fined.
  • Any random dui test will end up as a fine and jail even though you were sober and broke no rules at all

Attēlu rezultāti vaicājumam “no country for old man police”

Basically if you follow the “Driving like my grandma” rule the only threat are governments rules against no license drivers, however driving with no license gives you skills you can’t earn elsewhere.


How my story ended? I drove my 1990 Toyota Crown S130 down the road when I was randomly stopped for DUI test and it ended up like that. The case went to the court. Same day I passed tests and renewed my License. I came to court few days later and explained why that happened, told them that I have made a mistake and totally regret it and I have renewed my license. Too bad we don’t have Judges like Frank Caprio.. I got max penalty for what I have done… Too bad.

I set you a $50 penalty and GTFO of here

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